Registration Page JMP School on Statistics 2018 – Invoice

JMP School on Statistics 2018 from 17 till 21 September 2018.


Use this registration option only if a certificate of payment does not suffice and if you really need an invoice. The invoice will then receive detailed payment instructions. You can then pay after receiving the invoice. Please add your invoicing information (including VAT number) to the registration form.

Note that an additional fee of 10€ is charged in the event an invoice is desired, in order to partially cover the additional administrative cost.


    I order the book Graphs, Descriptive Statistics at an additional cost of 50 euro.

    I order the book Hypothesis Tests, ANOVA and Regression at an additional cost of 50 euro.

    I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood the terms and conditions as provided in the 'KU Leuven Continuing Education - General terms and conditions for registration', available here and I agree to all of the terms.