Graphs, descriptive statistics & probability

“Graphs, Descriptive Statistics and Probability” provides an accessible and thorough overview of the most important descriptive statistics with particular attention to graphical representations. The book offers a combination of theoretical and mathematical depth, appealing practical examples and clear and detailed explanations of concepts. Throughout the book, the user-friendly, interactive statistical software package JMP is used for calculations, the computation of probabilities and the creation of figures. The examples are explained in detail, and accompanied by step-by-step instructions and screenshots.

Key features:

  • Introduces each concept with practical examples and demonstrations in JMP.
  • Includes modern graphs such as heatmaps, bubble plots and mosaic plots.
  • Provides the statistical theory including detailed mathematical derivations.
  • Presents illustrative examples accompanied by step-by-step instructions and screenshots to help develop the reader’s understanding of both the statistical theory and its applications.
  • A supporting website with data sets.
  • A one-year license for JMP’s student edition.

This book is suited for students in engineering, economics and natural sciences who take classes in statistics as well as at masters/advanced students in applied statistics and probability theory. For teachers of applied statistics, this book provides a rich resource of course material, examples and applications.